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Q3 2018

RDA relationship graph visualisation

  • Within the record view page, RDA users will start to see a visual presentation of a record's relationships through the new relationship graph. Each node on the graph will provide users with some basic information about the related entity and will allow them to easily navigate to a linked page (e.g ORCID page, RDA page, etc.), as applicable. If no related object exists for that record, the graph will be hidden from view.

IGSN Service 

  • Enhancements to the IGSN service to support evolving Geoscience community requirements

DOI Service maintenance

  • Integration of DataCite DOI Fabrica API into the ARDC DOI Service

  • Implement a process to allow clients to transfer ownership (hosting and management) of all or selected DOIs to another ARDC client or even to another allocating agent outside of the ARDC

RVA subscription feature

  • Implement a subscription feature that will allow RVA users to receive notifications for changes to RVA content and functionality

Q4 2018

Research Data Australia enhancements

  • Optimisation of relationship graph indexing and queries

  • Integration of external content into relationship graph

  • Alpha testing of NHRMC - ARDC Grant Information Linkage Pilot

  • Enhancements to Research Activity API to support NHRMC - ARDC Grant Information Linkage Pilot

  • OAI-PMH service optimisation

  • Site performance optimisation

DOI Service accounts consolidation

  • Consolidation of DOI client accounts at DataCite which will allow administrators to manage a client’s Test and Production accounts under a single client account. Each account will contain two App IDs with separate shared secrets while all domains and IP addresses from the Test and Production accounts will be combined in the new account format. 

IGSN enhancement

  • Enhancements to the IGSN service to support evolving Geoscience community requirements.

Research Vocabularies Australia

  • Enhancements to the concept browse tree visualisation in the RVA portal.

Q1 2019

IGSN Service enhancement

  • Enhancements to the IGSN service API to further support M2M management of identifiers
  • Continue work on enhancing the IGSN service in response to the requirement of the Geoscience community

RDA index optimisation

  • RDA Index optimisation (investigate/implement Graph db into pipeline)

RDA infrastructure refresh - phase 1

Review of interoperability of the DOI system with DataCite API and schema

  • Work on the review of the interoperability of the DOI system with DataCite API and schema will commence on Q1 2019

Services Registry portal enhancement

  • Enhancements to the Services Registry portal to to support services

 Handle Service  enhancement

  •  Optimisation of Handle Service to support the RAID initiative

Research Vocabularies Australia optimisation

  • Vocabulary widget optimisation

  • Pursue other tooling features supporting re-use (consumption) of vocabularies (eg governance information)

  • Implementation of logging and analytics.

  • Facilitate/support/engage with key NCRIS facilities, ABS, CSIRO, AITSIS, NAA, Social Science

Q2 2019

RDA usage metrics implementation

  • Implement:
    • Make Data Count
    • Clarivate
    • Scholix
  • Investigate:
    • Event Data
    • Altmetrics

GCMD vocabulary integration into RDA

  • Integration of GCMD vocabulary into subject browse functionality and search filter

IGSN and Handle Service logging enhancement

  • Improvements to event logging for the IGSN and Handle services in order to understand usage, accelerate problem analysis and enable the ARDC to make better and more informed planning decisions

DOI service optimisation

  • Minting and updating DOIs via DataCite DOI Fabrica API

  • Updates to DOI system to remain interoperable with DataCite API and schema

Research Vocabularies Australia enhancement

  • Investigate service/system support for more complex knowledge organisation (eg poly-hierarchies, interrelated vocabularies (classes + relationships), ontologies)
  • Investigate shared infrastructure with the Australian Government Linked Data Working Group for persistent URLs

  • Infrastructure refresh


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