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The Add/Edit Resource page allows you to create and modify the descriptive metadata associated with your IGSNs. The form is broken up into a number of sections.

Primary and mandatory metadata

The top half of the form contains fields to capture the mandatory and primary information about a sample.

An ORCID lookup widget has been provided to assist you in entering the curator's details. The system will automatically perform an ORCID search upon page load for the name of the logged-in user. Additional searches can be performed if this is not correct.

The 'Owner' Field is only displayed when creating a new IGSN. The field allows you to specify the owner of the IGSN record. The field is populated with a list of the organisational groups which you are a member of, plus a value of "Private".

"Private" is the default value and means that only you can modify the IGSN metadata once it has been minted. Selecting a group from the list assigns ownership of the IGSN record to that group, and any member of the group can modify the IGSN metadata once it has been minted.

If you would like to transfer ownership from/to a group after it has been minted please contact [email protected]


Addtional metdata

The bottom half of the form is broken down into a series of tabs to capture further descriptive metadata e.g. spatial location and related resources.

Map widget

To use the map widget to enter a location:

  • Move the map view to the desired location by using the zoom controls + and - and clicking and dragging the map to the desired location. If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, this can be used to zoom in and out on the location.
  • Select one of the tools below the zoom controls on the left-hand side of the map. You can hover your mouse over each tool to get a short description. 
  • Upon selecting a tool, instructions will be displayed with the mouse cursor to assist you in drawing your geometry. 

Field help

A '?' icon is shown next to the title of each field. Click this icon to access contextual help.


Mandatory fields and fields which fail validation will be displayed with a red border and an associated validation message

If the 'Register' or 'Update' button is clicked before all validation issues have been resolved, a popout modal will be displayed detailing the remaining validation errors.


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