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Use vocabularies

Find and learn about controlled vocabularies relevant to research

Access those vocabularies and re-use them in your community

Integrate vocabularies into your local information systems at a technical level

Contribute vocabularies

 Upload and describe a vocabulary to share with others

Make a vocabulary machine readable (more easily integrated into others' systems)

Create new or import existing vocabularies and manage them with your community’s input

Use vocabularies

Provide vocabularies

How to use the Research Vocabularies Australia portal

Anyone can search, browse and access the vocabularies described in the RVA portal. You can also self-register to describe or upload a vocabulary.

There is no cost to use this service.

Access to the editor is restricted to ARDC partner institutions (Australian research organisations, including universities, research institutes, collecting organisations and government agencies). To use the vocabulary editor (to create a new machine-readable vocabulary) you will need to register.  Email ARDC at [email protected] to sign up for a free account.

Technical information

Technical documentation

Vocabulary Widget Documentation

Email ARDC at [email protected] to discuss software interaction with a hosted vocabulary.


For more information, ideas for improvements, or issues using the service, email [email protected] .

More information about controlled vocabularies

Vocabularies and Research Data

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