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  1. Login to the RDA Registry using your AAF account.  
  2. Go to My Identifiers > Identify My Data (PIDS) 
  3. In the drop down list on the right, select your organisation name 


    Select your organisation from the drop-down list before you start minting a handle unless you are minting a handle for yourself. Default value is 'My Identifiers'. Other Handle users from your organisation will not be able to see or manage handles you minted for yourself!


    If you cannot see your organisation in the drop-down list, send an email to [email protected] copy your Outreach Officer to request for access.

  4. Go to 'Mint PIDs' tab
  5. Enter the full URL and a meaningful description of the handle
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  6. Click 'Mint'.  A message with the handle minted will be displayed after a successful handle minting.