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SOLR should now be running in http://localhost:8983/solr


ANDS ARDC is making use of the JTS library for spatial searching requirements. This library is available as a jar file from Maven Repository. The jts-1.13.jar file needs to be placed within the directory /opt/solr-5.4.0/server/lib directory


To operate in development mode, various dependencies need to be installed correctly. ANDS ARDC is making use of bower and composer as dependency managers:


Code Block
iptables -I RH-Firewall-1-INPUT 10 -p tcp -m tcp  -s --match multiport --dports 80,8080 -j ACCEPT -m comment --comment "HTTP and Tomcat Ports"
iptables-save | tee /etc/sysconfig/iptables
service iptables restart



ARDC TaskManager


Optionally you can create a cronjob that hit the URL http://localhost/api/task/run/ . This will achieve the same effect but will crunch through background task slower

ANDS TaskManager is ANDS ARDC own background tasking system that works closely with the Registry to lessen the amount of on demand PHP processing for some operation by putting it in the background.

Code Block
cd /opt
git clone ands-taskmanager
cd /opt/ands-taskmanager
mkdir log

Configure ANDS TaskManager:

Code Block
polling_frequency = 5 #how often does the task manager hit the databasemax_thread_count = 5 #how many concurrent threads are run
max_up_seconds_per_task = 7200 #when a task run past this number of seconds, consider it failed
run_dir = '/opt/ands-taskmanager/' #the directory of the task manager
admin_email_addr = "" #for reporting purposes
response_url='https//localhost/api/task/exe/' #the exe to execute a task eg. http://localhost/api/task/exe/:taskid
maintenance_request_url = 'http://localhost/api/task/run/' #maintenance task run when there's no task required
data_store_path = run_dir + 'result_contents'
log_dir= run_dir + 'log'
log_level = "INFO"

Install ANDS TaskManager as a service:


and the portal should be accessible from http://localhost/
To start using the ANDS ARDC Harvester to harvest records into the registry, refer to the ANDS Harvester documentation for instructions on how to install and configure the ANDS ARDC Harvester.