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Welcome to the Research Data Australia documentation page.

Explore how to become an RDA contributor, understand RIF-CS, learn how to manage records in RDA, get familiar with the RDA-related widgets and APIs and find out what changes have been implemented, scheduled or planned.  Also find out how to implement your own RDA in your organisation.  As a researcher, learn how to use RDA portal for searching and reusing datasets, discover services, people, organisation, grants and projects and also learn how to export records to ORCID and EndNote.


Login to the RDA Registry

Obtain an AAF Account

Practice in Demo environment


Content Providers Guide (CPG)

Metadata Syndication

Data Source account dashboard

Data Source account settings

Data Source harvest configuration 

Technical Updates/Release Notes

Development Roadmap

RIF-CS Schema Changes

Contact Service Desk

Manage records

Tag records

Manage a Contributor Page

Overview of the HDA Data Request platform

Get set up to use HDA Data Request

Account basics

Respond to a data request

Manage all data requests



Portal and Registry Overview

Service Discovery Overview










OAI-PM provider

Research Activity

Get the software

Server requirements and setup


RDA Registry

Access Management System



Discovery Portal

RDA Registry search

Grant ID lookup

ORCID Researcher Lookup

Location Capture

Install Python 3.4 for the ARDC Harvester

Write a custom harvest type for the ARDC Harvester

Write a model for Portal

Write an authenticator for the Access Management System

Write a registry object handler

Install TaskManager for background tasking

Install and Configure SOLR Cloud

Install SOLR as a CentOS service

Write a SOLR Migration

How to contribute to the Research Data Australia software


Contact Service Desk


Search in Research Data Australia (video)

Use MyRDA (video)

Grants and Projects discovery

Export to EndNote

Import works to ORCID (video)


Contact Service Desk

Research Data Australia Privacy Policy

Search in HDA

View a Health Dataset in HDA

Graph Visualisation

Related Study

Related Parties

How to login using Australian Access Federation (AAF)

How to request access to a Health dataset


Research Vocabularies Australia

Identifier Services:

DOI Service

Handle Service

IGSN Service