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The easiest way to install SOLR as a CentOS service is to run the {{bin/}} file that comes with your SOLR installation as per instructions at

However, if you already have an existing SOLR instance running and just want to start a service that you can modify the starting parameters freely. Use this tutorial

The service daemon is available at

vim /etc/init.d/ands-solr
# copy the content into the ands-solr file
chmod 755 /etc/init.d/ands-solr
chkconfig --add ands-solr
chkconfig ands-solr on
service ands-solr start


solr_bin="/opt/solr-5.4.0/bin/solr" # where the bin/solr file is located
solr_param="" # parameters pass along with SOLR eg. "-p 8984"

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