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The ARDC IGSN service has been developed for use by the Australian research community. The service is free and may be used to assign IGSN identifiers to samples associated with Australian research.

In order to start minting IGSNs, you will need to register with ARDC for an account. You will initially be issued an account in the Test environment which allows you to explore the service, mint test IGSNs and trial API integrations. When you are ready to proceed into the Production environment you will need to provide the ARDC with a signed ARDC IGSN Service Agreement.

Your test account will remain active allowing you to run separate test and production accounts.

Account Types

When requesting access to the service, you will need to specify the type of account you would like created. The sections below will help you understand the two types of accounts and identify which type of account to request. 

Individual user account

Individual user accounts:

  • are assigned to individuals and are associated with the user's email address.
  • are associated with an organisational/institutional group and allow the user to mint IGSNs that are privately owned or owned by the group (accessible by all group members).
  • can log into the service using AAF and other supported authentication providers (e.g. ORCID).
  • can be used to mint and manage IGSNs with both the API and Web Interface. 

Organisation account

Organisation accounts:

  • are used to mint and manage IGSNs on behalf of an organisation/institution or a group of users (e.g a university faculty).
  • are allocated where the client requesting access to the service has no requirement for multiple users to log into the web UI to create and manage IGSNs individually or on behalf of the organisation. 
  • are allocated a single user name and password which is used for all transactions with the ARDC IGSN service. 
  • can be used to log into the web interface to manually mint and manage IGSNs, however, all transactions will be captured under the single organisation account.

Obtaining an account

Test service Registration

  1. Discuss your intent to use IGSN Service with your ARDC Client Liaison Officer, or contact [email protected]
  2. When you think you are ready to test the service, provide the below information for the account type being requested to your client liaison or email it directly to [email protected]:

    Individual AccountOrganisation Account
    • Organisation/Institution name
    • Full Name 
    • Email Address
      • IGSN Account Name - A name for the IGSN account. Usually an organisation.
      • Account Contact Full Name - The name of a contact at your site ARDC should contact to discuss IGSN related issues.
      • Account Contact Email Address - Email address for the primary contact. Group mailboxes are preferred over personal email addresses as they ensure ARDC has an ongoing contact point if a client's staff member changes role or leaves.


  3. You will receive a notification from ARDC, either from your client liaison or from IT Services, when your account has been created.
  4. You should receive the following information from us:
      • Your Test Account Name
      • Your Test Account Password
      • Your IGSN Test Namespace
      • Links to service documentation 

Upon registration for the IGSN service, you will be issued with a testing account. The only IGSN handle prefix that will be allocated to your test account will be the IGSN test prefix (20.500.11812). IGSNs minted using this prefix are visible in the global IGSN infrastructure and will resolve to the URLs associated with the IGSNs. These test IGSNs maybe deleted by IGSN on an irregular basis but normally after a month.

Production Registration

When you are ready to start minting production IGSNs:

  1. Have the ARDC IGSN Service Agreement form signed by a representative of your organisation.
  2. Send the signed participant agreement to ARDC: A scanned copy e-mailed to [email protected] or to your ARDC Outreach Officer.

  3. You will receive a notification from ARDC, either from your client liaison or from IT Services, when your account has been created.

  4. You should receive the following information from us:

    • Your Production Account Name
    • Your Production Account Password
    • Your IGSN Production Namespace
    • Links to service documentation 


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