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IGSN Landing Pages

All IGSNs must be associated with a resolvable URL pointing to a landing page that describes the sample being identified. The mandatory requirement for a URL ensures that end users can resolve IGSNs to a meaningful description of the resource. Where the IGSN descriptive metadata contains sensitive or private information, the landing page may simply state that the IGSN is private or under embargo.

ARDC IGSN Portal pages can be used as the landing page URL for the IGSNs that you mint. When minting via the API, set the value of the landing page element in the descriptive metadata to

"<IGSN value>"

Test environment

"<IGSN value>"

E.g. <landingPage></landingPage>

When manually minting through the IGSN Service Web Interface, the form will automatically be populated with an ARDC IGSN Portal landing page URL for the IGSN. This may be changed to a landing page URL of your choice.

Resolving IGSNs

Production IGSNs can be resolved by prefixing the IGSN value with the IGSN resolver


(IGSN): BGRB5054RX05201

Resulting IGSN URI: <>

IGSNs may also be resolved through the resolver. Simply prefix the production IGSN value with the following IGSN resolution service address in a browser address bar


Note: Test IGSNs can only be resolved through the resolver. This is due to the resolver only supporting production IGSNs. To resolve a test IGSN, prefix the IGSN with



It is important to understand that the Handle System (the technical infrastructure for IGSNs) is a distributed network system. The consequence of this is inherent latency. IGSNs have TTL (time to live) defaulted to 24 hours, so any changes will be visible to the resolution infrastructure only when the TTL expires.

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