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The IGSN Portal allows users to view the descriptive metadata associated with an IGSN.

All IGSNs minted through the ARDC IGSN service, regardless of the IGSN landing page URL, can be viewed in the ARDC IGSN Portal.

IGSNs with private metadata or metadata that is still under embargo are only visible in the Portal by authorised users (the user owns the IGSN or has access to it through group membership). Users will need to authenticate to view the metadata associated with these private IGSNs.

IGSN Landing Pages

The IGSN Portal pages can be used as the landing page URL for the IGSNs that you mint. When minting via the API, set the value of the landing page element in the descriptive metadata to

"<IGSN value>"

Or for the Test environment

"<IGSN value>"

E.g. <landingPage></landingPage>

When manually minting through the IGSN Service Web Interface, the form will automatically be populated with an ARDC IGSN Portal landing page URL for the IGSN. This may be changed to a landing page URL of your choice.

Accessing the IGSN Editor

When logged into the system and you own or have access to the IGSN through your group membership, you will see an 'Edit this record' button displayed below the IGSN identifier value. Click the button to navigate to the IGSN Editor.




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